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Among all CMS, ecommerce and blog solutions you’ve came to the conclusion that wordpress is the best choice either for your project or your client project:

-Hostings are affordable
– WordPress is free and the big majority of the websites in the world wide web are made by wordpress (They can not all be wrong when choosing wordpress uhh )
– Free themes and plugins achieving extraordinary features are available for free in wordpress repository
– Very easy to learn and manipulate and very well suited for beginners

Therefore, you can build any project for a low cost.

But, once you jump in and start being a little bit creative in your project.

You discover that a nice looking website needs paid themes; you find out that free plugins in the wordpress repository offer the full features in the pro paid versions. You realize that the free woocommerce can charge you over 200$ for some extensions and plugins like this; You feel scary of the monthly fees of some premium plugins.

Then, You conclude, that a good website can easily become expensive, even more expensive than some well known wordpress rivals. and it’s not made for low budget beginners and newbies.

why GPL clubs premium gpl plugins themes beginners

The GPL clubs Relief

Hopefully, WordPress was built under GPL (General public licence) which means that anything running in the wordpress framework can be licenced under GPL.

Being under the gpl licence means that the code of any premium WordPress theme and plugin, is free to use, free to redistribute.

GPL clubs, as our website, offers to download premium version of multiple themes and plugins licenced under gpl version.

Multiple benefits of WordPress gpl clubs

And below are listed the main reasons our offer is the best choice for beginners and newbies:

1-Cheap Prices for everyone Or Free downloads for Members

The GPL version or Premium gpl wordpress plugins and themes are very cheap. They generally don’t exceed the 5$ threshold without updates. at in it’s only 3.98$ with one year updates.

You also can have unlimited access to all our 2500 premium gpl themes and plugins and download them for free when you subscribe to one of our gpl club membership plans.
and we encourage getting one of our membership plans.

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Access 2500 Themes & Plugins

2- Try them yourself, make a wise purchase decision.

When you are looking for a theme or plugins, you are looking for some specific features that you want to see in your website.

To make the right purchase, you can go through the potential product descriptions. you can find some theme/plugin reviews in some blogs and youtube channels whom could not be 100% fair and accurate because of their eventual affiliation.

After your purchase, there is a very probable bad scenario that can happen, that I personally went through like many others.

You may find that the features your wordpress themes/plugins offers, are not the right ones for your project, you may find several limitations that weren’t explained, and this can be a real nightmare for limited budget project owner.

The best solution for me is to not be dependent on these product descriptions and product reviews try them all on your own, because you’re the best placed to know your needs.

GPL clubs like ours,, gives you this chance. whether by buying the cheap premium gpl plugins and wordpress themes or downloading it for free if you are a member ( which is the best choice). you’ll be able make a the best choice for your wordpress project. and then to make a wise licence key purchase, enjoy updates and developers support.

3- Your highway to become a wordpress expert

Having access to a whole library of premium plugins and themes developed by expert is big privilege with our low cost membership plans.

Just choose the type wordpress websites you want to master, e-commerce, learning management systems, affiliate, blog, portfolio, booking, rental, … and the list is long.

and the next day expose yourself as an expert, consultant, and wordpress website builder.


WordPress gpl club Drawbacks

It goes without saying that having the plugin or theme code bought from a WordPress gpl club is not sufficient.

WordPress grows and pulls all the themes and plugins to grows and update either to stay compatible or to add new features. And these automatic updates are only possible under licenced version bought from the authors. But if you still want to update a gpl plugin or theme, it’s still possible and you can read our brief guide to do it.

The support is also another issue. While you can ask for help, problem resolution or even asking authors to add new features when buying a premium WordPress theme or plugin. It is something that is not possible when you buy your from a WordPress gpl club.

Credit to developers and authors

WordPress, with its open source, gpl framework, and its wide community efforts brought tremendous changes to the webdesign industry.

WordPress brought a huge opportunity for low budget beginners to start an online business, as well as enterprise level project owners. and it’s all due to developers efforts.

If gpl Clubs offers a big opportunity to beginners to start their wordpress journey. After learning, generating some cash flow, One should give credit to the product authors and purchase their products.On one hand to encourage them, and on the other hand because it’s their right to be paid for their great work.

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Access 2500 Themes & Plugins

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